Custom Sending Domain

Go to your sending domain by click here and click to Creat New


Sending Domain
You should use sending domains only if your delivery servers do not sign your emails with DKIM, because the only purpose of sending domains is to identify the domain from the “FROM” or “Return-Path” of your headers and generate a dkim signature for them.


Like in the above case, if your domain is and you send emails from, then you can add a sending domain ( for which Raicampaigns will generate the dkim records (you have to add the public key into your dns records, as a TXT record).

Then enter your domain to get Dkim

Once the domain is confirmed, each time when Raicampaigns finds an email that contains the domain in it’s FROM/Return-Path headers it will append the right DKIM signature.
Once you have your dkim, Copy it go to your domain manager and past it then come back to verify dns


Raicampaigns generates DKIM keys that are too long, what can i do ?

By default, Raicampaigns's DKIM key size is 2048 bit which should be supported by all DNS platforms and you should not have any issue adding it as a TXT record.

However, some providers don’t support 2048 bit keys, only 1024, which means when you paste the 2048 bit key, it gets truncated.

We suggest reaching out to your service provider and ask them to support 2048 bit keys.

Note: If you are using CloudFlare or a similar service make sure you change the DNS records from the proper place.

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